Blade Buddy - Gift for Dad #12

Any chance your Dad shaves with disposable razors? Any chance he's complained about the price of razors? Any chance he's love it if his razors last 3 times longer? Any chance he'd love you more if you bought him the Blade Buddy?

GrillPro Bacon Cooker - Gift for Dad #11

Cooking bacon on the grill was once only for the rich and powerful. The GrillPro bacon cooker changes all that and brings the bacon grilling process into the reach of the everyman. Bacon cooks on both sides at the same time and the grease gets caught before it flares up on the coals. 

Considering how much your Dad loves bacon, you may want to buy 2 or 3 of these so he makes enough to share with you.

"Daddy's Little Project" Diaper Bag - Gift for Dad #10

The new Dad in your life is gonna love this diaper bag. It's got 7 outside pockets to hold everything needed to take the new baby anywhere. It's even got a mini-cooler on the inside which can hold 4 beers (just kidding, it doesn't really have that).

Chill-O Double Wall Beer Bullet Glass - Gift for Dad #8

These bullet beer glasses hold an entire beer and are double-walled to keep the beer cold.


.308 Real Bullet hand-blown Whiskey Glass Set

If whiskey is more your style, try out these hand-blown glasses with a real bullet embedded in the side.

Fisher Carpenter Space Pen - Gift for Dad #7

This is the famous Fisher space pen with a scale (CM and In.), magnetic strip, drywall gauge, level and plumb cross level. It will write under the most extreme conditions. It's a unique gift idea for the Dad who does some woodworking on the weekend or is a construction pro.


This is the answer if you just want to get the pen.

Weather Station with Internet Monitoring - Gift for Dad #6

This weather station includes a great display you can mount for easy viewing. Weather data can be uploaded to the Weather Underground personal weather station network. The phone app will show the weather information where ever you are. It measures wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, outdoor temperature and humidity, solar radiation and UV.

Beer Cap Maps - Gift for Dad #5

For the Dad who loves trying out different 6-packs, treat him to a beer cap map of his favorite state to show them off. All 50 states available!

BottleLoft Magnetic Bottle Hanger - Gift for Dad #4

These magnetic strips allow beer bottles to hang above food in the fridge. Now Mom can't say there's no room for beer in the fridge.

Scratch Off World Map Poster - Gift for Dad #3

Is your Dad a world traveler? Surprise him with a scratch-off map for his wall and he can show off all the places he's been. All states are outlined so he can get as detailed as he wants. Would be fun for the entire family to reminisce about past vacations. 

Whiskey Ice Ball Maker - Gift for Dad #2

Your Dad loves whiskey but still does not own a whiskey ice ball maker? Let's remedy that with this silicone ice mold. 

Bonus Tip: Kids will love using these ice balls in their drinks too. Just save one for Dad!


Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds

These stack neatly in the freezer to conserve space.


Corkcicle freezes slowly to make high-end clear ice spheres.

TG Champion Tournament Bristle Dartboard - Gift for Dad #1

Surprise Dad with a real bristle dartboard. It'll give the family something fun to play that does not have to plug into the wall or use batteries.

TG Champion Tournament Bristle Dartboard (Amazon)

it's probably mandatory to include darts with the gift of a dartboard. like buying a battery operated toy for a kid and not having batteries for it.


Why would you use tape as a toe line marker when you could use lasers?!?!


Arachnid Touch Pad Dart Scorer

Keep score in style with an electronic scorer.